Therapists In Residence

Therapists In Residence are licensed therapists who lease office space at the Process Therapy Institute. They are not employees of Process Therapy Institute.
  • Alyss Swanson

    Alyss Swanson

    Alyss is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, who is also a theologian, church deacon, and chaplain. As a transgender…

  • Danielle Seybold

    Danielle Seybold

    Life can be hard, whether dealing with unexpected setbacks, longstanding problems, or just working hard to build a life of…

  • Gayathri Ram Mohan

    Gayathri Ram Mohan

    Often its the critical voice in our heads that hijacks our whole being and this spirals into a pattern and…

  • Margaret Toews

    Margaret Toews

    *** PTI is sad to announce that Maggie Toews passed away in March 2024. Former clients of Maggie’s are welcome…

  • Mary Karver

    Mary Karver

    For Clients: Mary is an energetic and passionate clinician dedicated to working experientially with polarities, contrast, and the spaces in…

  • Mary Sweeney

    Mary Sweeney

    I am a Certified Process Therapist. I have experienced many growth challenges on the road of living. I am a…

  • Melissa DaPonte

    Melissa is a Marriage and Family Therapist at the Process Therapy institute.

  • Natasha Jeswani

    Natasha Jeswani

    Sometimes life brings challenges which are not meant to be borne alone. You may find yourself stuck in difficult thoughts,…

  • Sharon Lutman

    Sharon Lutman

    Sharon’s speciality is the treatment of substance abuse, and she has worked at the O’connor Hospital Treatment Center with both…

  • Sheila Rad

    Sheila Rad

    I see us each born with a sense of ease, a sense of knowing that we are loved and worthy.…

  • Stewart Dean

    Stewart is a Marriage and Family Therapist at the Process Therapy institute.

  • Wilene Chang

    Wilene Chang

    I love Process Therapy Institute from the moment I learned and discovered while in JFK university that it is all…