Mary Karver MFT

Mary is a Marriage and Family Therapist , Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Associate Sexual Addiction Therapist, and Clinical Sexologist. Contact Mary at 408-963-6694 ext. 422 to schedule a session.

Mary Karver

For Clients:

Mary is an energetic and passionate clinician dedicated to working experientially with polarities, contrast, and the spaces in between groups to facilitate people and systems finding their unique equilibrium. Particularly interested in the challenge of loving oneself even while out of balance (spoiler alert…it’s our whole lives because the universe is constantly expanding), Mary strives for excellence, transparency, ownership, and levity in her clinical work and engagement with humans.

Mary loves working with couples, poly groups, and people within and between systems. A bit of an outsider who is learning to live in community, Mary loves facilitating and witnessing the growth and safety that arises from authentic partnership. You will frequently find her working with small business owners, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, and couples trying to find themselves in relationship to the other. A bit of a nerd, a bit of a skeptic, and fiercely dedicated to providing relevant, evidence-based experiential interventions, Mary specializes in working practically and patiently, optimizing interventions to fit the learning and attachment style of each individual client. An awkward but extroverted individual, she does her best work with clients who are independent to a fault, but know they benefit from living life in consultation.

Assessment Services:  As an LADC and CAADAC certified substance abuse counselor, Mary has been providing individuals with substance abuse and trauma assessments in Minnesota and California since 2008. Mary is happy to be an adjunct resource for consultation assessment, and evaluation for substance abuse disorders, process addictions (sex, porn, gaming, gambling, eating, money/working) and PTSD reactions.

For Interns and Trainees:  Mary is training to be a mirror trainer and process instructor, and acts as incoming placement coordinator at PTI.  See below for class/event registration.  Classes are free to PTI interns and trainees.

Basic Process Class

Building Your Practice…No Matter Where You’re At

Training at PTI:

Practicum and Internship

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Mary can be reached at 408-963-6694 ext 422, or by submitting a confidential contact form through her (very much under construction) website.