Elaine Floyer

Elaine Floyer Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Welcome to My Practice
I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) with a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality. My practice is deeply rooted in the Process Model, which believes that a sense of fulfillment and well-being is what we all seek. When our life energy flows freely, we experience wellbeing; when it’s constricted by perceptions of harm or deficiency, we encounter dis-ease. With a passion for empowering individuals and couples to confidently embrace and enrich their sexual lives, I am committed to helping you identify and release these constrictions, allowing your life energy to increase and enhance your sexual well-being.

My Mission
Dedicated to helping individuals and couples understand, own, and celebrate their sexuality, I focus on fostering a transformative journey through self-awareness in the here and now. Relationships extend our connection with ourselves and other opportunities to discover and celebrate our inner selves in communion with others. By resolving life constrictions that restrict your energy flow, I offer a supportive environment where your sexual health, happiness, and spiritual growth are nurtured.

Services Offered
I specialize in addressing a wide range of sexual and relational issues with an approach that integrates the Process Model’s focus on well-being and consciousness, including:

• Rebuilding Trust: Support for couples navigating the aftermath of infidelity, aiming to restore trust and save their marriage through present-focused strategies that promote forgiveness, renewal, and a freer flow of life energy.

• Reigniting Passion: Guidance for long-term couples to rediscover their connection through practices that enhance presence and mindfulness, helping to resolve old patterns and injuries that block fulfillment.

• Sexual Empowerment: Coaching that emphasizes the importance of self awareness and presence, helping individuals develop fulfilling intimate relationships by expanding their connection to consciousness.

• Healing and Recovery: Therapeutic strategies focusing on overcoming past traumas and barriers to pleasure by embracing the healing potential of the present and increasing life energy flow.

• Expanding Horizons: Education and exploration in sexual knowledge with a focus on using the power of the now to facilitate growth, understanding, and a more conscious engagement with one’s desires.

• Overcoming Anxiety: Building sexual confidence and self-esteem through present-centered therapeutic exercises that invite clients to transcend old and ineffective patterns of interaction.

• Exploration of Desires: Safe exploration of BDSM and other sexual preferences in a non-judgmental setting, encouraging clients to be fully present and engaged, fostering respectful and fulfilling explorations.

Inclusive Practice
I am passionate about working with those engaged in or curious about alternative relationships and lifestyles, including open marriages and polyamory. My approach respects and honors their unique paths and journeys, inviting them to expand their sense of well-being and discover more fulfilling interactions within their relationships.

Contact me: efloyer@protonmail.com