Natasha Jeswani Clinical Social Worker


Natasha Jeswani

Sometimes life brings challenges which are not meant to be borne alone. You may find yourself stuck in difficult thoughts, emotions, or cycling through chaotic states of mind and feeling uncertain how to proceed. Yet, symptoms can also be an invitation to know oneself more fully.  It can be helpful to have a supportive, collaborative partner along your healing journey.

A fundamental cause of “dis-ease” is disconnection, whether that be disconnection from self, loved ones, or from one’s own source and power. Oftentimes, this disconnection is also rooted in a disconnection from the body. My work stems from the principle that the body, mind, and spirit are interwoven. Being whole and healthy involves allowing all parts of our experience to be valid and alive.

I view therapy as a collaborative process where I support you in connecting with your present moment experience to facilitate insight and transformation. Our work together will often involve body awareness and mindfulness (a noticing of your present moment experience). I use CBT, DBT, mindfulness, and experiential therapy techniques to support you with accessing spaciousness, moving through, finding clarity, and experiencing greater ease. I provide individual and couples therapy for adults.