Sheila Rad Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist MFT 139468
Associate Professional Clinical Counselor APCC 8295

(408) 542-0363

Sheila Rad

I see us each born with a sense of ease, a sense of knowing that we are loved and worthy. Life has a way of challenging us with difficulties that are sometimes more than we can manage. We endure events and experiences that feel like cuts and bruises and we have to find ways to navigate threats to our well-being. Sometimes these cuts feel so deep that we’re not able to easily heal and we push through our lives with open wounds, cringing in pain each time someone, knowingly or unknowingly, pinches our most tender places. The pain can be unbearable at times and until we mend and heal the source of the suffering, the symptoms may persist in the form of physical, emotional or spiritual pain. We work together to process the trapped emotions and memories that keep you stuck and find ways to awaken the joy that can be available to you in the present moments of your life.

I believe that a warm, accepting and non-judgmental space is crucial to processing and healing any issues. I am devoted to helping individuals connect with their inner truth and want to help you find your path so you can live in alignment with love, strength and peace. I bring to my practice my own life experience, my strong dedication to growth and spirituality, as well as my background as a practicing attorney and business professional in the corporate world.

My approach is predominantly relational and experiential, working in the here-and-now and anything that arises in the present moment, integrating a variety of models and techniques to support your needs. I am especially interested in working with couples, women in executive roles, and adolescent girls, and welcomes all individuals interested in living with authenticity and integrity.