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Hey, misery – yes, you!

Hey, misery – yes, you!

Hey – Misery! Why are you following me round the whole time?

Huh – glad you finally asked me. All those un-completed, un-allowed negative experienced that you have? I just cannot keep away from them!

Well, I really don’t like you hanging around – can’t you just go away?

Nice try, but that’s really not going to happen unless we take a proper look at those experiences, make some sense of them and get them stored away in the right place.

OK – if that’s what it takes – I guess I could give it a shot…

Right. Because until we get that sorted, when any event or thought triggers one of them, I’ll show up as some kind of disease or discomfort. You have my word on that!

That’s just mean! Do you get some kind of a kick out of that?

Honestly? I don’t enjoy it. Might seem weird, but I have to do it – it’s my job to remind your unresolved experiences. Bit like your Mom had to remind you to tidy your room as a kid – I need to do the same in your mind.

I know you’re there – but I can’t see you – where actually are you?

Hiding! In your unconscious, un-illuminated storehouse. Pretty easy for me to hide when you don’t even put the light on in there.

Ohhh….so you’re what they call my ego?

Not quite! I’m the result of your unconscious attachment to your ego.

So, did we figure out what it takes to make you go away?

Easier said than done. The way to make me not be there, is to acknowledge that I am there. Look me in the face and engage with me. Don’t pretend I’m not there, when you know I am!

Great. Say I decide to do that – what happens next?

OK. This sounds complex, but don’t worry – when you stop resisting and let me get on with doing my thing, I’ll transmute from stored energy to released energy. It’s actually going to make you stop struggling and become more at ease. Trust me on this.


Then, you’ll experience life without psychological fear, with ease, and with love as your dominant guide. You’ll find it amazing.

That does sound good. And the next step is what – enlightenment?

Good question. Enlightenment can never actually be attained – I think of it as being a space you always stand in, whether you know it or not. It’s only your lack of recognition and acceptance of it that makes it seem you’re not joyful, peaceful, and yes, enlightened.

I think I’ve got it. So let’s say we get all those bad thing sorted out and stored properly. It should be pretty easy to stay enlightened, huh?

Totally. Any time you can be awake and expanded enough to make the choice of total allowance, you can be in this enlightened state.

That’s awesome. What will my friends and family think when I get you off my back for good?

Don’t make that a concern of yours. It’s up to them, whether they acknowledge and experience your state of grace or not. If you feel like you need them to, you’re kind of back to where you started.

How is my behavior going to change? I don’t want everyone to think I’m away with the fairies.

Your behavior will reflect your state of being – that’s a given. If you’re properly connected to ease and love, ease and love will inform all your actions. You will want to chose behaviors that will allow you to stay in this state of grace. It’s a virtuous circle.

Wow. Misery, thankyou – this has been illuminating. I’m so glad I took the time to talk to you.