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Forgiveness is always for you. It sets you free, whether you are forgiving yourself or another.

Forgiveness is acceptance which released you from the resistance, which has taken the feelings and thoughts of revenge, lack of fairness or justice, anger and loss.

Without forgiveness, we often move to shame and guilt. It continues to eat at us, causing pain.

Not forgiving does not serve us. It doesn’t need to exist to remind us that we were wronged. It doesn’t keep us alert to future wrongdoings or help us to prepare for them.

Ask youself these questions:

  • Will I feel more diminished by forgiving?
  • Can I still love through this lack of forgiveness?
  • Will it be easier to move on with my life with or without forgiveness?
  • Can I accept the presence of wrongdoing on my part or by others?
  • Can I allow, not accept, the duality of the universe?

I do not forgive you for your sake – rather, for my own. Forgiving is the most loving thing I can do for myself, because it lets me move on and release that negative energy.