Mirror Training

This program is undertaken concurrently with our Practicum And Internship program.


The mirror training at Process Therapy Institute is an intensive psychotherapy training program where we invite you to connect with and work from your inner truth while you maintain a position of therapeutic neutrality toward the client. We encourage you to develop an attitude of unconditional fascination for your work and for the human beings you treat. Inviting, following, and working with the client’s experience(s) is taught and practiced. Within the frame of respect both for the client and for Self, each student is encouraged to develop his/her own therapeutic style. We teach a variety of therapeutic enactments, how to work in various mediums, and how to integrate the numerous counseling models into a psychotherapy you can understand, own, and use effectively.

Even though we use, teach, and work-with most current models of psychotherapy, in general our hearts and minds usually lead us towards inviting the resolution of underlying developmental, traumatic, and psychological issues. For details on our personal philosophies, see Don’s page.

At PTI we invite clients, students, colleagues, and ourselves to adopt a life direction of self-empowerment and increased flow of well-being. There is a strong spiritual element taught at PTI based on the idea that it is our job to connect to our center, to extend that center to our clients, and to work to transcend our own core issues.

Our hope for you is that you leave the training with clarity about who you are as a therapist, with joy about your work, and with freedom to be the best you can be.

The Format

Student therapists often find it challenging to apply concepts they learned in their university to clients they see in session. We provide a bridge whereby students can be supported and guided as they make this leap. The mirror training provides immediate assistance during live sessions and extensive feedback afterwards.

Each training meets four hours each week. Student therapists and instructor work together as a team. During a mirror session, the client is seen in a private room equipped with a two-way mirror. The student therapist works with a client in front of the mirror and later observes another student’s session from behind the mirror. During sessions, assistance is available to the student therapist through the use of an ear piece.

All mirror sessions are videotaped. Constructive feedback is provided on the videotape during your session for your review at home. Additional group feedback is given after your session.

The Clients

PTI makes a continuing effort to attract individuals, couples, and families who have a wide variety of presenting problems for you to work with in the mirror trainings. As to outside-the-mirror clients, we have several off-site programs in which one can get plenty of no-fee client hours. Ultimately, students are responsible for acquiring paying clients. We have many ways to support you in this process.


Tuition: for the mirror training is $250 per month. This pays for your mirror training and all supplementary trainings and workshops available while you are at PTI.

Income: Students can earn from $8 to $66 per session while working with PTI paying clients.

It is expected that income will exceed tuition, making this a paid internship.


In our prospective trainees/interns we look, not for perfection or experience, but for a quest toward wholeness. During the interview process, we attempt to determine your readiness to participate in our programs by looking with you for the following tendencies:

  • That you have enough ego strength to separate yourself from your client, and to take constructive criticism.
  • That you are reasonably able to be aware of and willing to take responsibility for what you do.
  • That you are available to commit to telling your truth, resolving conflicts, and cleaning up your messes.

Professional requirements

You are eligible for the program if you are:

  • Graduated from or currently enrolled in a master’s degree program leading to licensure.
  • Ready to begin to learn how to acquire clients.
  • Ready to pay for training and be paid for your services.
  • Available to purchase and maintain a mal-practice insurance policy.
  • Ready to complete the enrollment process.


The enrollment process provides us with several opportunities to mutually determine your compatibility with our approach, philosophy and perspective.

  • Attend an initial interview appointment. Tour the PTI facility and have your questions answered.
  • Observe a four hour mirror training session. You will experience the format, watch live therapy sessions, and have a chance to meet with current participants in the program.
  • Attend a final interview appointment. During this interview, questions, reservations, and assessment of readiness will be answered or discussed.

Availability of Openings

Positions become available on an irregular basis. If eligible, you are placed on an active waiting list.

This agency meets all requirements of the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. Trainers and supervisors are qualified to supervise 3000 MFT intern hours, 1000 associate Clinical Social Worker hours, and 750 pre-graduate Ph.D. hours

Length of commitment to the mirror training program.

Students enroll in the training program because they want to expand their sense of being and doing as therapists. Although one can use this program as a practicum, it is separate from your Masters Degree program. Students stay until they and their supervisor/teacher agree it is time to complete the mirror. Come with the attitude of staying as long as you are benefiting form it. Most students feel complete within 2 years.

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