Svetlana Kreimer Clinical Director/ Supervisor
Marriage & Family Therapist

(650) 427-9086

Svetlana Kreimer

Svetlana Kreimer, LMFT, is the Clinical Director at PTI. She is also one of the supervisors and master process trainers in the Mirror Program, offering therapist-trainees and associates a supportive and informative experience of supervision and behind-the-mirror guidance.

Svetlana’s works with couples and individuals healing from trauma, relational difficulties, struggles with self-identity, and other life’s challenges. Her work is informed by the Process model, Expressive Arts Therapy, EMDR, and other Humanistic and Mindfulness-oriented approaches.

“I came to PTI as a trainee more then 10 years ago, and I still feel it was the best thing that happened to me as a therapist. Don and Carol Hadlock taught me how to stay present and in connection to myself and a client, in here-and-now; how to invite without agenda, and to trust the process to “unfold as it should”. I am glad to be back at PTI in hope to “pay it forward” in the best traditions of Process Therapy Institute.”