Mina Luisa Kelly Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

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Supervised by Kristen Bragg

Mina Luisa Kelly

In a world where increasingly we are expected to communicate in 30 second sound bites that entertain our listeners, where can you turn when you need to process something more deeply?
We are living through turbulent and confusing times. Have recent events upturned the balance of your life? Are your usual self-care strategies overturned by recent events? Have the friends and family you ordinarily turn to become too preoccupied with their own problems to be able to even listen? Do you need someone to talk to? Someone who is able to hold safe, non-judgmental, empathic space for you? I am here for you. I can listen.

  • Simply finding a safe place to share your story is a powerful act that sets transformation in motion. I offer you compassionate and active listening.
  • Are there parts of yourself you have abandoned that you want to activate to live a more fulfilling life? I am excited to collaborate with you in reintegrating your life.
  • As multi-layered human and transcendent beings, we have everything we need to heal ourselves. My presence and gentle guidance offer a catalyzing agent for your healing journey.

Together, we can tap into the innate wisdom of your psyche, working with dreams and synchronicities, artistic expression, breathwork, and, most importantly, paying compassionate attention to what arises in the body.

I bring to my practice my training in holistic psychology I am have received from John F. Kennedy University in my Masters in Holistic Counseling program, as well as years of working in a holistic education environment with school-aged children, as well as my work in the community as a yoga teacher. Thirty-five years of personal meditation and yoga practice have taught me patience, focus, and equanimity. I can hold the space of trust that allows your healing to begin.

Foundational to my platform is my Bachelor’s degree in gender and religious studies. I am sensitive to the pervasive issues of systemic injustice and the ways these issues can affect our relationships to ourselves and the world around us.

Call or email me for a free, 20-minute discovery session to see if it feels right for us to work together.