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Margaret, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, is also a Certified Process Therapist, Adjunct Faculty at JFK University School of Holistic Studies, Certified Process Therapy Instructor, Intern and Trainee Supervisor, and a Coach/Consultant for Licensed and Pre-licensed Therapists. She currently offers 'Problem Solving from the Inside Out.' Contact Margaret at 408-963-6694 ext. 423 to schedule a session.

Margaret Toews


PTI is sad to announce that Maggie Toews passed away in March 2024.

Former clients of Maggie’s are welcome to contact PTI’s client coordinators for therapy services, or to seek out these other local supports: 408-453-0400 408-243-0222 805-525-1333

We will update this page as we have more information.

April 4, 2024


Are you sitting on ‘the horns of a dilemma’?  What if you could meet with someone who is adept at eliciting submerged information that will get you off those ‘horns’, helping sort through what keeps you immobilized and looking at outer factors you’re dealing with in ways that expand the possibilities?

I interact fluidly with what you present and home in on your highest aspirations and deepest truths. Doing so affords a sense of relief and energy that brings renewed hope, “the soul’s basal resource… a tough mettle that looks at all available data, then chooses a strong route to the most positive outcome possible”.

“To hope is to gamble.

It’s to bet on the future, on our desires, on the possibility that an open heart and uncertainty is better than gloom and safety.”

Rebecca Solnit

Changes you may face: separation, divorce, having children, losing children, marriage, living/job situation; losing one’s parents, embarking on a new educational path, a life crisis that brings everything into question, a growth opportunity that invites you to expand your sense of self.

My training in EMDR and somatic work helps when subconscious ‘recruitment tactics’ try to sabotage the natural course of change.  These are approached with loving regard, because at one time, they meant to protect you.  Yet we have a tendency to continue to play out such tactics as adults without recognizing when they aren’t needed.  There is the story of an elder monk who was on a pilgrimage with a young monk.  They come to a stream where a geisha is hesitating at the edge and asks to be carried across. The elder monk does so and everyone goes on their way.  Much later, the young monk berates the elder for touching a woman.  The elder says, ‘I left her at the bank of the stream long ago, but you are still carrying her.’  Change involves letting go of outmoded tactics, attitudes, and beliefs, while honoring the precious body of your experience.

There are many approaches to change, which is the mechanism for weathering transition. It is a wonder of our time that neuroscience is showing us that we have the capacity for change… to actually change our brains and therefore our minds.  My absolute belief in that capacity inspires and enlivens our work in therapy.

“Whether you and I and a few others will renew the world one day remains to be seen.

But within ourselves, we must renew it each day.”

-Herman Hesse

Contact me at 408-963-6694 ext. 423 to schedule a session.

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