Lana Shatil Marriage & Family Therapist Trainee

408-963-6694 ext. 445
Supervised by Kristen Bragg

Lana Shatil

I am fascinated with the complexity of being human and I would love to learn your truth about it. Happy faces on the postcards create an illusion that everyone is having the life you want for yourself, yet difficult times are experienced by all humans. Our experience of life can be fulfilling or miserable depending on our environment and the aliveness of our inner self. Many humans natural flow of life is blocked by painful past experiences. I would like to take the risk with you and explore your unique way of being and what happens when the painful experiences are healed.

This is my second career after many years in corporate environment. I have firsthand understanding of how we start expecting from ourselves to be on top of external world game all the time. Work stress or fear of not having work, relational issues or absence of relationship, identity internal and external conflicts are heavy loads to carry around and feel alive and fulfilled.

I believe in holistic approach to healing with mind, heart, body, and spirit integrated. I will provide you with safe environment to explore your experience of life and wishes you have for yourself. Relational issues in private or professional life, parenting, career decisions, unpleasant symptoms of depression or anxiety, moods preventing enjoyment of life, identity concerns, problematic behavior patterns are all welcome here as they are our guideposts for exploration.