Jennifer Weise

Jennifer Weise Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Hi there, I’m Jen!
My name is Jennifer Weise, and I am a Clinical Supervisor at PTI and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT 90891 CA & 2092 NC). I provide telehealth therapy sessions for adolescents, adults, and couples. I focus on treating the functional impact of the person’s symptoms, and those symptoms may be resulting from a variety of diagnoses such as trauma, anxiety, and/or depression.

My approach
Having trained in clinical, somatic, and transpersonal psychology, I have a holistic approach to wellness. My therapeutic approach is person-centered, which means that I strive to provide empathy, congruence, and unconditional positive regard consistently throughout the course of treatment.

My focus
Currently, I work with adults and older adolescents who are experiencing the negative impact of prolonged exposure to stress. As people navigate prolonged exposure to stress, they internalize patterns of behavior that are often maladaptive and create distress for themselves and others. This could be showing up as anxiety, PTSD or C-PTSD, OCD, addiction, and/or depression.

My communication style
My communication style is one of compassionate curiosity, and I value direct communication. There are two main ways that therapy works. One is through symptom management and the other is through addressing the underlying cause of the symptoms. I focus on the latter. In session, I will utilize a mix of indirect and direct interventions in order to support you in reaching your goals.

My journey to mental healthcare
I pursued graduate studies to gain self-awareness. During my initial experiences providing therapy, around 15 years ago, I discovered my passion for this work. Since then, I’ve continually grown and learned while providing therapy in various settings, including private practice and community mental health. In addition, I’ve offered clinical supervision, trained therapists, and overseen teams providing enhanced mental health services to highly acute clients. I love being able to witness someone having a new experience of themselves and the world that they didn’t know was possible.

My goals for you
You are the expert in your own life. My role is to understand what you are wanting for yourself well enough to be able to create a treatment plan that will help you explore and reduce the barriers to meeting your goals.

My first session with you
At your initial therapy session, you can anticipate a warm and confidential environment where your well-being takes center stage. I will introduce myself, discuss the therapeutic process, and encourage open dialogue. I will ask questions to better understand your background, current challenges, and what brings you to therapy. Together, we will explore potential areas for growth. This is a collaborative process focused on understanding and supporting your well-being.