Aditi Shah

Aditi Shah Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

Change is possible. You’ve made an important step towards it already by considering therapy. I would be honored to walk with you on your journey while providing a safe, supportive, and accepting context that facilitates deep change. Together, we can slow down and explore your innermost worlds, cultivate abiding self-acceptance and practice new possibilities for relationship. Together, we can move out of stuckness into a place of greater authenticity and joy.

I see my work as an offering of unconditional positive regard with the hope that it helps you relax into your own inner goodness. From that place, we welcome awareness and compassion into every hidden corner of your unique life experience.

How I work:
Focus on the Present Moment
I invite you to be in your present moment experience, sometimes in playful, silly ways, sometimes through the movement and the body, other times through mindfulness.

In anything we do or talk about, I am interested in helping you notice yourself through it. This emphasis on present moment awareness can help deepen your understanding of yourself. More self-awareness means more choices for how to be and act.

I think about symptoms in terms of self-acceptance/self-love or the lack thereof. I firmly believe in the paradox of change: that you must accept yourself as you are before you can change. So any symptom is basically a sign of a way in which a person is unable to accept himself or herself. Once we know where there is “resistance” to what-is, we can explore the resistance itself more deeply to come to a state of loving understanding of what’s there. I see this as a very gentle and compassionate way of working that puts you in control.

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