Client Testimonials

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  • I had thought that a period in rehab had helped me to put my earlier addiction struggles behind me, but after I found how easily and discreetly I was able to order prescription painkillers from the Internet I slipped back into my old ways without even realizing it. What began as just 'research' (the way I justified it to myself) turned into a regular weekly order. I told my husband that the regular packages were vitamins and that buying them online was saving us money compared to getting them at the store. Anyway, I'd wait until my husband was at work and the kids were at school and spend the rest of the morning in what felt like a different universe. It didn't take long for my family to find out, and they were furious and concerned in equal measure. PTI helped me identify the benefits I sought from that universe, and by attending their workshops I found out how to get them from real life instead.

    Client CK, addiction

  • Since my teens, a terrible anxiety about any up-coming social interaction had become a self-fulfilling prophesy - the more anxious I felt, the more tongue-tied and less impactful I became. Although I had a great education and college degree, I couldn't progress at work simply because I could not get my views across in an effective way. After behavioural group therapy at PTI, I gradually felt able to map 'real' interactions onto pre-acted - rehearsed, if you like - models of conversations, and I realized that the people with whom I needed to interact were not out to judge me but were eager to persue and achieve the same ultimate goals that I was. Since then, work has become a lot more enjoyable and I'm on track to become a supervisor this fall.

    Client BA, anxiety

  • I can’t believe the ways in which my life has changed since I reached out to PTI for therapy services. Six months ago, it was hard to get out of bed. I joined the mirror program for ten weeks, and I’m still seeing the same therapist privately right now. I have done a 180 in nearly every area of my life. Process therapy put me right in the moment, where I was most afraid to be, and now I am really enjoying the experience of being alive.

    Client A, depression

  • I was so depressed and anxious, but I didn’t know what to do because I knew I couldn’t afford therapy. Someone in my life recommended Process Therapy Institute, so I gave them a call. They set me up with a therapist that I could afford, and going to therapy has been the best decision I have ever made in my life. After being unemployed for four years, I have a job. I have been steadily losing weight, I’m dating a great man, and I’m just really happy overall. I have also learned how to allow my anxiety so that it doesn’t consume me. I pay more for therapy now because I can afford it, and it’s the best money I’ve ever spent. It’s an investment in myself, and I’m grateful to PTI for seeing me even when I couldn’t afford much.

    Client BR, disorders

  • I've suffered from compulsive over-eating since my late teens and obviously put on a lot of weight. At PTI, X helped me identify what I sought to gain by doing all that snacking, and we worked back to find the source of my need for comfort and approval which led to me snacking all the time. We managed to find more healthful behaviors to replace the snacking. I'm looking and feeling the best of my whole adult life.

    Client TF, eating

  • My father was distant from me during my childhood - he worked away a lot, and didn't seem to want to be bothered with me at home. It wasn't until my early twenties that we started making up what I felt to be 'lost time' - we we actually surprised by how many interests and opinions we had in common. Just when I was starting to feel relaxed in his company, he died suddenly of a heart attack. That was the day before he and I were meant to spend a long weekend fishing. It cast a heavy pall of sadness over all other aspects of my life. PTI helped me to cope by highlighting the value of the good times we spent together in his latter days. I'll always feel his loss, but those 'highlights' help to cheer me up.

    Client MM, grief