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April ’23 Free Community Workshop: Spring Cleaning 2.0: Inviting Flow

April ’23 Free Community Workshop: Spring Cleaning 2.0: Inviting Flow

As Spring approaches, we may be tempted to revisit Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” or any other individual compass we turn to in hopes of letting go of more things that accumulated over the year(s). We may have even found success in using her question, “Does it spark joy” as a guide for what to give away (I know I have). But what about the items that don’t have a clear answer to that question? What about Facebook friends? Or old thought patterns and beliefs about ourselves? What happens when you’ve asked that question about every item you own and your home still takes more than it gives at times? Letting go can be a complicated process, but creating spaces that invite more flow is a skill you can learn. This workshop is designed with your digital, physical, and mental environments in mind.

Date/Time: April 17th 2023 from 5:00 – 6:30 PM

Location: PTI office at 1760 the Alameda, Suite 100 San José, CA 95126.

Cost: Suggested donation $25

About: Amanda has two psychology degrees and is currently receiving additional guidance and education from Santa Clara University and Process Therapy Institute to complete a masters in counseling psychology. She has lived through and participated in the trends of minimalism and essentialism. She has fundamentally changed her own rigid systems and unburdened over 75% of her material possessions. She is passionate about continuing to refine the ways in which she moves through various life stages to create more flow and release resistance. She hopes she can help others breathe life into stagnant spaces so they too can feel more synchronicity with their environments.