Journey to Being

 The Journey is one of becoming (with ourselves)
 It is being transpersonal:
     Becoming more than what is happening,
     Experiencing something more than the mind, the body or emotions.
 It is being spiritual:
     Connecting to source energy (vibration, divinity, and other words).
 It is being in balance:
     Alignment between the mind (thought), body (somatic), emotion, and source energy.
 It is about faith:
     Trusting oneself, the Other, the process, and the human experience.
 The Journey is one of serving (with others)
 It is psychological/sociological:
     Being able to relate and interact with others from an unattached perspective.
     Viewing others as whole, not broken.
     Viewing others as on their own journey. One that makes sense only to them.
     Inviting others into balance with themselves and others, without needing them to do that.
     Inviting others into connection with source energy, without needing them to connect.
     Inviting others into the perspective of blending with the wholeness of the universe.
 The Journey is one of blending (with the universe)
 It is being able to perceive the wholeness of the universe, the source energy in all things.
 It is being in harmony with all systems of the universe:
     Aligning with all aspects of the universe; including biological, psychological, relational, cultural, metaphysical, etc.

Knowing how we are doing in the Journey
 A measure of how we are doing on these journeys is in how much love and ease we feel in our interactions with ourselves, with others and with the rest of the universe. When we feel a strong love for ourselves we can then move to expanding this love to include others and, ultimately, to the rest of the universe. When we feel a strong sense of awe and privilege, we know we are allowing the flow of love back to us. This cycle of love in and love out lets us know we are in balance, that we are blending, and that we are deeply connected to source energy.