Hey You

– Hey you, the cause of my unhappiness, Why are you here?

Because I am your un-allowed, and therefore, incomplete experiences.

– What are you here to do?

I am here to store and illuminate your un-allowed experiences.

– How do you do that?

When you become triggered by an event or a thought that stimulates things in the storehouse, I show up as disease or discomfort.

– Why do you do that?

To remind you of your unresolved experiences.

– Where are you?

I am in your unconscious un-illuminated storehouse.

– Are you what they call my ego?

No. I am the result of your unconscious attachment to your ego.

– When will you go away?

When you face me and allow me to be. When you no longer resist my presence.

– What will happen then?

When you bring the presence of allowance to me, I transmute from stored energy to released energy. This manifests as ease rather than struggle.

– What will happen after that?

You will experience life without psychological fear, with ease, and with love as your dominant guide.

– Will I then have attained enlightenment?

Enlightenment can never be attained, because it is a space you always stand in. It is only your lack of recognition and acceptance of this space that makes it seem you are not in joyful, peaceful, and yes, enlightened.

– Will I remain enlightened?

Anytime you can be awake and expanded enough to make the choice of total allowance, you can be in this state of enlightenment.

– Will others notice?

Others will be have the same choice. Whether they acknowledge or experience your state of grace will be entirely up the them. Needing them to, will remove you from you state of wellbeing.

– Will my behavior change?

Your behavior will reflect your state of being. If you are connected to ease and love, then your actions will come from that place. You will want to chose behaviors that will allow you to stay in this state of grace.