Guidance From Source


It took this long because you also transmitted doubt that you could have it, which interfered with your desire for this guidance.

You are all wholeness experiencing separateness.

You know both. You separated from wholeness to experience both. If you attach to either, you will not be able to experience the other.

We created many limited environments to have experiences of separateness.

We set these limited environments in motion millions of years ago.

Some limited environments have more contrast than others.

You choose this one called earth.

We manifested energy and put it into motion.

We put some boundaries around this flow of energy, such as physical and metaphysical laws.

There is a law of attraction. There is no law of intrusion.

The way to get some thing out of the earth experience is to be born with no memory.

You chose to manifest your body and your mind with some parameters. These parameters never inhibit the journey from wholeness.

The purpose is to living manifest your wholeness in your separateness and to journey from your separateness back to wholeness.

You have every opportunity to do that joyfully. You are free to recognize that or not. As you journey toward or from wholeness, you discover more joy and ease.

You are here to interact your energy with the energy already in motion in order to co-create anything you want to create.

Co-creation is in direct proportion to your connection to flow and the allowance of it

You got lost by attaching (identifying with) the limited experience.

Your request for guidance comes from a strong desire to not be lost.

You are a free flow of pure consciousness.

You are free to allow or restrict that flow.

This guidance is will be only as helpful as you decide to make it.

A Metaphor: Playing a game.

As you play a game, you are both the observer of the game (wholeness) and the player of the game (separateness) The goal is to play the game of separateness from the wholeness position

• If you attend only to the observer, you will have much ease and not much fun because you will not then be playing the game. The game will become irrelevant.

• If you attend only to the player, the game will become a drama of un-ease (fear, anger, confusion) because there will be no observer position from which to feel safe. The game will no longer be joyful.