About PTI

Process Therapy Institute

We are a community counseling agency based in Campbell, CA., providing educational classes, counseling, psychotherapy, and group therapy to the general public on a sliding fee scale. We serve individual, couples and children.

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Who We Are

We are non-profit and charitable organization incorporated in the state of California since 1982.
We are a designed United Way agency and donations are tax deductible.
We accept variety of insurance company claims and Victim Witness funds.
We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ethnic origin, gender, or sexual preference in the administration of our educational, admissions, or counseling service policies.

Our Mission Statement

To provide the community with opportunities to expand their awareness of themselves and their relationships with others in order to have more fulfillment in their lives.

Visions and Goals

We are all on a journey of self-realization and fulfillment. Let use work together in community to move in that direction.
As we journey toward peace and well-being, we become more able to offer that to the world.

We also offer training programs in psychotherapy and counseling for: Ph.D’s, Psy.D’s, MFT’s, ACSW’s. who have graduated or are currently enrolled in an upper degree program. For therapy professionals, we provide intensive training in the art and process of psychotherapy, continuing education units for licensed licensed therapists, and are a qualified site to provide internships and practicums to pre-licensed therapists. Click here to go to our Training Website.