Tori Farris Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

408-963-6694 ext. 441
Supervised by Dmitry Vulfovich

Tori Farris

Tori Farris, AMFT, focuses on:
– trauma recovery
– play and creativity based child therapy
– strength based therapy for couples, family and individuals
– emotional capacity and literacy
– empathy and sensitivity
– existential transitions
– dreams, patterns, symbols and meaning

“I see each client holistically, offering Process Work, Expressive Arts, Reiki, Meditation, Mindfulness, & Jungian Symbolism, to name a few! The multilayered, multidimensional, complex being you are deserves to be seen. I invite you to arrive in the now; tap into mindfulness, grow your compassion, and attuned to your natural rhythm and purpose.

With understanding, connection, and compassion comes healing and
peace. Allow the perceptions to shift.

Sessions are holistic in nature, intending each client access to a personal plethora of both (outward) expression and (inward) integration. Through arts & movement, identifying parts, witnessing feeling and emotion, honoring beliefs and shadows – therapy unfolds.

Namaste, Tori Sullivan Farris”