Erin Lundy Marriage & Family Therapist Trainee

408-963-6694 ext. 416
Supervised by Svetlana Kreimer

Erin Lundy

I create a safe environment for those that want to change safely and understand themselves on an authentic level. Individuals in the therapeutic setting are able to see themselves with the help of reflections from a nonjudgmental stance and a professional point of view that is seeking to find your highest intended meaning. I work with dreams, sand tray, music and art to connect deeper meaning to your life experiences and relationships.

I work with couples in a collaborative way, inviting each unique person to understand themselves more authentically and communicate more optimally to achieve their desired relationship needs. I work with couples who want to explore barriers to intimacy, desire discrepancies, and trauma integration.

Therapy can benefit your teenager or young family member as well. Teenagers have a vast amount of pressure to become in today’s youth culture and communication can be challenging in these conditions. I work with adolescents and children to guide greater understanding of themselves and provide ongoing consultation for caregivers when requested.

I offer low rates to appeal to families and individuals that cannot afford services from licensed therapists. I encourage all clients to consider appointments working with me and an experienced licensed supervisor in the mirror training room to ensure the highest quality therapeutic relationship. I am committed to supporting client’s dedication to themselves and deepening their understanding of their body-mind connection to promote more fulfilling relationships and healthy somatic experiences for individuals of many ages and many walks of life.

Schedule a free 20-minute discovery session to ask me questions about the therapy process and take the next step toward achieving what you are seeking and perhaps a more comfortable experience in this world.