Dmitry Vulfovich Marriage & Family Therapist


Dmitry Vulfovich

Dmitry’s specialty is treating trauma and other mental health issues using a holistic body-oriented approach. He also specializes in mindfulness and transpersonal psychology, which involves shamanic and eastern practices that lead to health and well being. Dmitry is also a master teacher trainer at the PTI, which involves experiential one-way mirror training and classes in the Process Model. Dmitry is a community leader, DJ, and workshop facilitator. He leads classes oriented to zen, movement/dance therapy, boundaries, relationships/sexuality, and flow states.

Dmitry came to the Process Therapy Institute in 2011 as a trainee after being taught by Don Hadlock at JFK University. “PTI was like a breath of fresh air because it combined the spiritual aspects of life that I was hungry for, as well as skill and discernment of experiential therapy needed to help raise consciousness in people. I learned about universal flow and the concept of allowance, which is the driving force of my therapy.”