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Online Group: Support for Caregivers

Online Group: Support for Caregivers

This group is for you, dear one, who has worked tirelessly for others. This is you-time, us-time, community-time to share in our collective desire to give while feeling supported ourselves. I invite you to share in the harder parts of caregiving for others, the darker side of sacrifice. Let us acknowledge the compassionate and passion-driven aspects of caregiving while also witnessing the overwhelming and burdensome act of caring for others. Here, we can feel lifted once again to continue fulfilling our generous nature. Come find solace in rest and through self-care in a way that feels good and true for you while also learning tools to fill your cup outside of the group.

Day and Time: Tuesdays from 6 to 7:30 pm (Online)

Fee:$40/session for 8 sessions ($320 total)

Size and membership: Group is limited to 8 members. The group is currently enrolling new members now.

Contact: Register by phone at 408-963-6694 ext. 462 or email at

Amanda has two psychology degrees and is currently receiving additional guidance and education from Santa Clara University and Process Therapy Institute to complete a masters in counseling psychology. She is a MFT Trainee, under the supervision of Svetlana Kriemer, LMFT, at Process Therapy Institute in San Jose where she sees teens, adults, families, and couples using the Process Model of psychotherapy, among other techniques, with her clients. She also has a background in theater and enjoys finding ways to combine the best of both worlds. She is passionate about self-expression, self-acceptance, interdependence, and harnessing the intrinsic power of the body, the higher Self, and community. She is excited to bring together two great loves – therapy and theater – to provide a dynamic and therapeutic experience.