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Feb ’23 Free Community Workshop: 365 Days of Wellness

Feb ’23 Free Community Workshop: 365 Days of Wellness

This workshop is a practice in wellness and well being as a part of the 365 Days of Wellness Journal Challenge. The main objective of the practice is to maintain the practice of basic and advanced process as a therapeutic modality in experiencing eudaimonia in its various forms and levels regardless of the external experiences.

Date/Time: Monday, February 20th 2023 from 5:30PM to 7PM

Location: PTI office at 1760 the Alameda, Suite 100 San José, CA 95126

Cost: Suggested donation $25

About: Mariya Katrina Punay (She/Her) is a Marriage and Family Therapist, & Professional Clinical Counselor. She successfully completed her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology within the field of Transpersonal Psychology, with a Certificate in Creative Expression and Transformation from Sofia University in 2022.

Mariya has over a decade of experiential application as a Counselor, Career & Life Coach, Motivational Inspirational Speaker, and Entrepreneurship in person and digitally with multiple industry partners ranging from Fortune-500 companies, large media organizations, to national private healthcare, colleges and universities. She is a dedicated practitioner and teacher of hatha yoga, mindfulness, and sound therapy integration for people on the go, visionaries, leaders and speakers around the globe.

She created the sound frequency meditation research published on InsightTimer that blends science and intention frequency. These meditations now reach over 80+ countries around the globe. Meditate with Mariya on InsightTimer: