Kavita M. Ramani Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

408-963-6694 ext. 420
Supervised by Don Haddock, LMFT

Kavita M. Ramani

Kavita specializes in treating children and adults with trauma and PTSD through multiple modalities of trauma-informed therapies. Trauma is common and can happen to anyone. The traumatic ordeal is the beginning – our brains are wired for survival, so traumas are stored and reactivated at perceived danger. Reactivation causes our brains to signal our bodies to release a flood of stress hormones. This damaging process can cause intense emotional suffering and interfere profoundly with one’s ability to maintain, let alone enjoy life. A thorough body of research indicates that trauma-informed interventions can lead to transformation necessary to regain self-mastery.

Unresolved Trauma causes measurable changes to the nervous system that effectively contaminate new life experiences. Moving beyond trauma is a very individualized experience, and cutting-edge research reveals great success for individuals who engage in body-oriented, trauma-informed, narrative-free psychotherapeutic interventions (i.e. without verbally re-living the trauma by telling the story).

Kavita determines the best approach in each session through intuition, clinical skills & training, and client knowledge. Specialties: trauma, PTSD, addiction, compulsivity, sexual abuse, sexual assault, *grief/loss (also pets), intellectual disabilities, autism, depression, anxiety/panic, mental health diagnoses, and more. *Kavita specializes in grief (and anticipatory grief) of companion animals.

Kavita is certified to teach a 12-week curriculum in Mindfulness Based Substance Abuse Treatment (MBSAT) (Sam Himelstein, PhD)

Kavita is a certified Conscious Sexual Self Guide (Melissa Fritchle, LMFT)

Kavita is a certified Crisis Counselor in Santa Clara County (The American Association of Suicidology)