Kaile Videtich Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee

408-963-6694 ext. 416
Supervised by Steve Smith

Kaile Videtich

I believe that every person deserves compassionate support while in the process of healing from unresolved pain. This pain may be affecting many parts of who we are, including our bodies, our sexuality, and our relationship to ourselves and to those we love. Although difficult to access, I’m confident that each person can experience deep, creative, and authentic power that can transform their pain and bring stability. If you’re feeling alone while dealing with traumatic experiences, relational suffering, or sexual anxiety, you deserve careful and respectful guidance towards healing your wounds.

Exploration through the arts, engaging and listening to the body, and spiritual and cultural awareness have developed my therapy practice as an MFT Trainee and Drama Therapist Trainee. My background is working with adults in care professions as well as parents and young adults with sexual concerns, which include exploring identity, desire, and confidence.

I am an inviting and warm therapist available for individual, couple, and group therapy sessions using a holistic and process-oriented approach. My current therapy practice is under the licensed supervision of Svetlana Kreimer. Please contact me through email or phone to schedule a free 30 minute session.